Parkim Packaging works as a marketing and sales Parkim Group division for primary packaging solutions in the cosmetic, perfumery and make-up markets. Distributing international firms within Turkish market, Parkim Packaging provides premium and creative packaging solutions to its customers with competitive pricing.

Our team at Parkim Packaging consists strategic thinkers and senior creatives with many years of background not only in sales of packaging products but also marketing management and creative design fields - both in-distribution and at the agency side. This enables us to understand our clients' business challenges faster and offer the most relevant creative solutions with a deep strategic insight working not just as their supplier but also their creative agency.

If there is one thing that makes us pioneer in this sector, it is our ability to deliver a unique combination of strategy, communication and design for successful branding. With the advantage of sales of the packaging products we aim to actualize our clients imaginary packaging concepts and designs.

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Parkim Packaging, representing international firms, carries out the supply of perfumery and cosmetics packaging products in terms of sales and marketing, particularly in the Middle East, including Turkey and neighboring regions in designated countries.

Parkim Packaging is able to sell its products and related services for its business partners providing marketing and sales of products through these channels and provides necessary technical support both before and after sales.

Our company provides demonstration and training services for your products in our main building in Levent, Istanbul, and also provides logistic support for the storage and shipment of your products in our warehouses in Dilovası, Hadımköy and Gaziantep.


Parkim Packaging, provides first of all detailed market information to its represented partners.

Then, follows up a strategic business plan managed both by its partner and through also its organization in common standarts of agency agreement.

Both the sales and the marketing channels for the products of the represented companies are organised by Parkim Packaging and actualised working together throughout the whole process.

For the products of the business partners represented, the sales channel and the marketing plans are created and carried out by Parkim Packaging. For the business partners represented, Parkim Chemicals provides technical, commercial and logistical support and provides continuous information communication.

Parkim Packaging, is exclusive distribütör of Spanish, Ramon Clemente glass company in Turkey and Middle East markets.

Parkim Packaging, since 2013 also operates as a creative branding and design agency just for the perfumery and cosmetics industry. As the only specialized cosmetic and perfumery packaging and branding design studio in Turkey, we help companies in building high quality and powerful packaging to compete both in national and international markets. With this unique framework we aim to deliver a unique combination of strategy, communication and design.

Parkim Packaging aims to deliver integrated branding services including strategy, naming, design for an integrated solution for our clients cosmetics and perfumery products.

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