Parkim Fragrance House, as the major brand of Parkim Group was founded in 1979 in Istanbul, Turkey, by Mr. Turan Sarıcı entrepreneur and talented industrial engineer.

Parkim has entered the fragrance business in Bursa as one of the first manufacturers of fragrances along with imports from foreign countries. And from 2013 onwards, Parkim Fragrance House completely ending imports fully focused on production.

Parkim, since 1979, has remained independent, standing on that unique entrepreneurial dynamism and pioneering outlook built on a strong family business but now and then with international, ambitious and competitive motivation. Today, headquartered in Levent, at the hearth of business in Istanbul, Parkim Fragrance House manufactures the best quality fragrances to its customers continuously and in the most rapid way. With creative and dynamic laboratory team and professional sales group Parkim Fragrance House follows up technological innovations and marketing trends closely.

Parkim Fragrance House working as a professional fragrance manufacturer has taken the mission of developing the most suitable fragrance with rapid service to its customers and in this regard have offices in the major cities of Turkey as İzmir, Adana, and Gaziantep. Going beyond national boundaries, Parkim exports to foreign countries with main interest in its own region of Middle East and Gulf and indeed rest of the world with an experience in the fragrance sector of more than 30 years.

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