Parkim Parfum Plastik ve Kimya Sanayi Ltd. Şti. was founded in 1979 by Mechanical and Industrial Engineer and innovative businessman Mr. Turan Sarıcı.

The heritage of the company is rooted primarily in fragrance manufacturing and grew with expanding in flavors, oils and dispensing systems (lotion pumps, triggers, mini triggers) along with investments in distribution of chemicals (cosmetics, household, general chemicals, painting, coatings and infrastructure) and ingredients ( food and active). 

Today, Parkim Group takes pride in being a family business managed with sustainable corporate processes with its five main brands -Parkim Fragrance House, Parkim Packaging, Parkim Chemicals, Parkim Flavors and Food Ingredients and Parkim Oils.



With 50 years of experience, as Parkim Group, we are a leading fragrance and flavor manufacturer,  producer of plastic dispencer systems and distribute chemicals, food ingredients, oils and different packaging with world-class supplier base.

Thanks to our perfectionist and creative-minded international team, we offer the best quality products to our business partners with the best service.

Today, with the synergy of being manufacturer in different business lines, we have numerous international business partners aiming to grow our potential together. 


Under organization of Parkim Group our five brands carries out below B2B activities:

Parkim Fragrance House carrying for fragrance manufacturing, is the first and primary business area of ​​our company.  Our brand, which is one of the leading fragrance producers, has a 10.000 sqm2 factory located in GEBKIM Organized Industrial Zone equipped with a fully automatic fragrance manufacturing system. Parkim Fragrance House is also an R&D Center approved by the Turkish State.

Parkim Chemicals is a chemicals distributor in cooperation with global producers. Parkim Chemicals has a wide portfolio of raw materials in the fields of Cosmetics, Industrial Chemicals, Textile and Leather Chemicals, General Chemicals, Paint and Construction Chemicals.

Parkim Packaging produces 3 million lotion pumps monthly along with trigger and mini triggers as main  dispensing system in cosmetics and household sectors. Under Parkim Packaging we also distribute Ramon Clemente Spain for glass perfume bottles in Turkish market. 

Parkim Flavors and Food Ingredients has the motto of creating the taste with its unique flavors locally manufactured in the new GEBKIM plant aside of Parkim Fragrance House. In the food ingredients we partner via international suppliers adding the touch to our flavors. 

Parkim Oils manufactures and distributes special extracts and natural oils used especially in the cosmetics industry.




Parkim Group is always connected to global network increasing its international presence.


Our business partners can access to all of or portfolio whether fragrance or chemicals and packaging at the most reasonable pricing.


Parkim Group consists of international team bound with a passionate and dedicated mentality always there to help its business partners.